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              Here we feature an item that embodies our goal to find outstanding coins that represent a good value. We will explain why the coin is interesting and we think it stands out among others. These are one of a kind coins and have been selected from our inventory to illustrate a particular point. Please feel free to send us any questions about this coin or any other question you may have. Part of our mission is to help collectors become more knowledgeable so they can better enjoy the hobby.



              The latest featured coin showcases the value of buying a nice AU. While I normally find a lot of value in coins graded 53, 55 and 58, occasionally an AU50 can have the same great value at an even greater discount. Most coins have a substantial jump in price once you get above the MS60 level. Therefore, a really nice AU that has a mint state look can represent a great value.

             This PCGS AU50 1823 Bust Half has a mint state look without the price. I like Bust Halves that don’t have what I call the ‘flat cheek’. That is the wear so often evident on the cheek and other high points. To me that becomes a focal point rather than the design. This coin has very light wear, but it is not really even noticeable. 1823 is also a rarer date than later bust halves, but the premium is not that much more. The very nice-looking AU of a slightly better date makes this coin an excellent value at this price.

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