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              Here we feature an item that embodies our goal to find outstanding coins that represent a good value. We will explain why the coin is interesting and we think it stands out among others. These are one of a kind coins and have been selected from our inventory to illustrate a particular point. Please feel free to send us any questions about this coin or any other question you may have. Part of our mission is to help collectors become more knowledgeable so they can better enjoy the hobby.



              Our current featured coin comes from our favorite Three Cent Silver series. It is an 1858 which is the last of the rarer Type 2 years. The coin is in an NGC XF45 holder but it has the look and toning usually only seen on nicer mint state coins. It is hard to see why this coin is not in a choice AU holder. The two outlines to the star are perfectly formed and well struck. This is not always the case on many mint state coins. Recent coins for this date in MS62 have sold for about $400. This coin looks every bit as nice and represents a tremendous value at only $175.

Three Cent 238 #1.JPG
Three Cent 238 #2.JPG
238 obv.jpg
238 rev.jpg
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